Pittsburgh Atlanta, GA - Progress is on the move!

Thousands drive by it every day from 75 South and few would never suspect how close it hugs downtown Atlanta, but Pittsburgh is the next best place to live. One of the last few neighborhoods where housing is affordable and charming properties can be purchased and transformed into terrific investments.

Investors, Realtors and wise/savvy buyers are on the increase in Pittsburgh. Gentrification is in process. Like any neighborhood in transition, Pittsburgh has its problem. Most of which is a result of the city turning a blind eye to this small yet historical part of town. But a new and growing community association is making gains and attracting residents to get involved and create awareness to foster change.

This blog will post information from community meetings, reports and events that will keep Metro Atlanta informed. We welcome residents, friends and neighbors to participate in helping to create lasting change and help transform Pittsburgh into one of the most charming neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA.

Just south of the Capitol, Exit 244 University Avenue - A Weed & Seed Community...Literally 5 minutes to downtown, Midtown Atlanta.... Welcome to Pittsburgh Atlanta, Georgia.
No Help From Our City Council Representative!

If your looking for Councilperson Cleta Winslow (Atlanta City Council that represents Pittsburgh) to provide timely help on local situations you will be disappointed as I have been.

It has been over a year that Councilperson Winslow promised to look into and rectify homeless people living in a house next to mine. No water, no electricity, strangers coming and going, cutting through properties.

In a recent conversation with her office her aides said; "We can't do anything about it." It took over a year to get that answer. Think the system is broke folks? It is. Period. The city works counter to tax paying citizens. We have people like Ms. Winslow who want limelight, praise, applause and titles to feed their egos without having to do the kind of work that perhaps may not be popular but essential to the growth of our city.

I urge you to add to this post and share your thoughts and experience. Pittsburgh will improve despite the likes of Ms. Winslow and others who want to protect vagrants over the community as a whole. Please check back with this posting as I will be updating it with current information.

Pittsburgh Improvement Association Meeting

The Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association held their monthly community meeting beginning at Pittman Park Recreation Center at 10:00 am chaired by President, LaShawn M. Hoffman.

Also in attendance was Council person Cleta Winslow and a representative of State Representative Kathy Ashe's office. There were approximately 30-35 residents in attendance.
Major Finley, Atlanta Police Zone 3 was present and gave a report.

The team spirit of community, government, police and the PCIA is strong and determined. There is a clear direction to facing the problems and meeting them head on. As pointed out by the PCIA, the Beltline project and many other programs have a clear eye on the Pittsburgh community.

Pittsburgh Town Hall Meeting - August, 29th

Panel Members Included:
Lashawn Hoffman, Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association
Khaatime el, Atlanta Board of Education
Ronnie Marhall, Senior Code Enforcer
Cleta Winslow, City Council Women/Public Safety Chair
Sgt. John Ellis, Vice Squad
Major Earnest Finley, Zone 3 Commander
Deputy Chief Peter Andresen, Gang Unit
Caesar Mitchell, At Large Member Post 1
Kathy Ashe, State Representative
Important Community Phone Numbers
Emergency 911
Atlanta Police Zone 3 404-624-0674
Crime Stoppers 404-577-TIPS (8477)
Drug Hot Line 404-853-3444
Mortgage Fraud Hot line 404-817-6811

Residents came together to voice their concern and show support for cleaning up and the crime, vacant dwellings, abandon properties and mortgage fraud that occurs in the community. This meeting brought people together with city officials and produced real commitments from the city to attend community meetings and work closely with the Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association to make aggressive changes.

The panel was asked if they personally or a representative of their office would commit to being in attendance for all Pittsburgh Community Improvement meetings with a "Yes" or "No" by resident Tone Lane.
Cleta Winslow: Yes
Caesar Mitchell: Yes
Kathy Ashe: Yes

Police: Yes

The panel also assured the public that aggressive measures are currently going on to locate criminals, abandon property owners and gang/drug related criminals and arresting them.

RESPECT Common Spaces

Pittman Park was totally disrespect over this Labor Day weekend.
People drive in the park and pull up anywhere they want. It is a park people, not a parking lot. Food, clothing, trash, bottles, cans, paper plates, napkins, charcoal cans and containers were left everywhere.

Homeowners: This is where our tax money gets flushed down the drain. Where any citizen riding the neighborhood who wants to check out Pittsburgh to live will leave and not return. This leaves our community to people who are anti community.

SOLUTION: Dear City Council. Please consider the following: Residents and visitors must sign for a grill space. Place a REFUNDABLE $25 deposit to use the grill. If trash is left the $25 would not be refunded.
Basic Rules:
Place more garbage cans in the grilling area.
NO bottles of any kind in the park.

STOP PEOPLE FROM DRIVING IN THE PARK. Place a fine for pulling up on the grass. There is a parking or paved area in the park for cars. No one uses it because of broken glass.

Pittman Park is a terrific park. It is one of our communities common spaces. It needs to be respected. I urge residents to write to: Mayor Franklin, Council Person Winslow, Caesar Mitchell, Councilman at Large and the Parks Dept.

The Corner House

My neighbor said the house stood on the corner for more than 60 years.
It's gone now, torn down be a mere bulldozer. All traces tossed in a huge dumpster.
I wondered who lived there? What memories are in that dumpster? How did such a house with charm become rubbish?

Things vanish or become obsolete when people stop taking care of what is theirs. Such is the case on the corner house. But it leaves new opportunity for new. And Pittsburgh is becoming "cared for" more and more. It is.